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Exposed Aggregate driveway in Perth

Considerations With Decorative Concrete

What is Decorative Concrete? Decorative concrete is made of regular concrete but enhanced with aggregates, finishes or unique colouring. Aside from its aesthetic advantages, it's also used for safety purposes by adding texture that will create a non-slip finish for pool area, walkways, and areas where children and elderly frequent. Builders, designers and homeowners recognise the value of using it in their plans, more so with the recent incorporation of decorative concrete for patios, floors, bench tops, entryways, pools and many others ...
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A big crack in a slab of concrete

How to Avoid Cracks in Your Concrete

Most of us have seen the unsightly and dangerous results of cracking concrete. Discovering cracks is quite disheartening, especially if you laboured diligently to put down the concrete yourself. Unfortunately, DIY concrete projects often result in breaks. It is crucial to use correct techniques throughout the process of laying concrete to avoid cracks; a professional is your best choice when your project involves concrete work. When you aim to avoid cracking, it is helpful to understand a little about concrete, itself.  Traits of concrete ...
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Worker mopping concrete

Your Complete Guide to Concrete Cleaning

The Importance of Concrete Cleaning The winter seasons its well on its way. That means that you need to prepare your concrete for the lovely spring months that are sure to follow it. It's critical to do so prior to the arrival of the winter months. That's because handling cleaning beforehand can simplify your springtime duties significantly. It can't hurt to give your concrete a lovely wintertime appearance, either. Remember, too, that managing your cleaning responsibilities before temperatures drop can ...
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Concrete flooring inside the home

Decorative Concrete vs. Hardwood Floors

Decorative Concrete, Or Hardwood Floors? There are many beautiful choices for those considering new floors as a part of a new build or renovation. Hardwood flooring is a standard choice for interior and exterior floor replacement projects, but it is not always the best choice. Often, quality decorative concrete is a wiser choice for your floors. Here's why. Creative Options One of the great misconceptions about decorative concrete floors is when people underestimate the importance of the word decorative. With ...
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Decorative Concrete Increases Your Property Value

Materials Matter: How Decorative Concrete Helps Save the Planet

An additional way value comes from decorative concrete is a bit unexpected. Despite the trend towards using sustainable materials and “going green” in our daily lives, many people do not realise that there are environmental benefits that come from using decorative concrete. We are firm believers that we all have our part to play in helping the environment, with the food we eat, the energy we use and of course, the materials we choose for a project. Whether you are ...
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