Looking for the best exposed aggregate, liquid limestone and decorative concrete in Perth?

Are you thinking about transforming your old, boring concrete into a more durable and unique surface? Here’s the solution: decorative concrete. This type of concrete can be found in patios, indoor floors, entryways, pool decks, and even benchtops. It’s not just for people with expansive properties with elaborate driveways but also for one-room remodels and even busy offices. Decorative concrete can turn a dull room that uses plain grey concrete into a more beautiful space with pleasing elements.

The Decorative Concrete WA blog features a compilation of posts that centre around decorative concrete, such as polished and honed aggregate and polished overlay. That way, you can decide if decorative concrete is best for your home or business.


An exposed aggregate concrete driveway

Which Concrete Surface is Right for You?

Several decades ago, plain concrete was used mainly for garages, patios, and basements. However, things have changed because concrete is now a top choice in modern homes. Today, concrete is viewed as the most commonly used building material, not just in Australia but all over the world. In the simplest form of the material, it is formed by mixing aggregates and paste. The latter is mostly made of a special type of cement comprised of closely controlled chemicals, such as ...
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Front yard design trends in Australia

The Latest Trends in Australia Front Yard Design

Any home’s front yard plays a significant role in kerb appeal. More than that, it sets the tone for the value and the overall perception of the property. As a homeowner, it gives you an identity as it makes your property different from the other houses in the neighbourhood. When it comes to deciding how to design your front yard, look at the latest trends in Australia. Remember, trends in front yard design can quickly change. For decades, many homeowners ...
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Decorative Concrete Increases Your Property Value

Increasing Your Property Value With Decorative Concrete

The Early History of Decorative Concrete In the 1950s, a California contractor named Brad Bowman, began experimenting with etched designs on concrete, and created what was termed "ornamental concrete." Bowman created a wheel-shaped metal device that could be rolled over recently poured concrete. The result was a pattern that was laid into the concrete. After successfully mastering the technique, Bowman then began to add coloured additives to the concrete as well, and "Decorative Concrete" was born. Later, John Nasvick improved ...
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Liquid limestone texture close up

The Pros and Cons of Liquid Limestone

Last updated April 26th, 2022. If you are building or renovating your home, you know that you need to make several important decisions. Among the decisions, you will need to choose which surface you’d like to use for outdoor entertaining areas. While there are many options to consider, liquid limestone could be the best choice ...
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Exposed Aggregate driveway in Perth

Considerations With Decorative Concrete

What is Decorative Concrete? Decorative concrete is made of regular concrete but enhanced with aggregates, finishes or unique colouring. Aside from its aesthetic advantages, it's also used for safety purposes by adding texture that will create a non-slip finish for pool area, walkways, and areas where children and elderly frequent. Builders, designers and homeowners recognise the value of using it in their plans, more so with the recent incorporation of decorative concrete for patios, floors, bench tops, entryways, pools and many others ...
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