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The Importance of Concrete Cleaning

Worker mopping concrete
The winter seasons its well on its way. That means that you need to prepare your concrete for the lovely spring months that are sure to follow it. It’s critical to do so prior to the arrival of the winter months. That’s because handling cleaning beforehand can simplify your springtime duties significantly. It can’t hurt to give your concrete a lovely wintertime appearance, either.

Remember, too, that managing your cleaning responsibilities before temperatures drop can be a lot less unpleasant. Working outdoors in time of colder temperatures is never a joyous experience.

If you are reading this in Summer, then now is the perfect time to enjoy a bit of sunshine while making your concrete look beautiful again.

Consider Your Concrete Cleaning Approach

It’s important to plan your cleaning, know what areas will take extra time, what equipment you will need and of course, whether you have the right protection. It’s crucial to figure out if you have a basic or a comprehensive concrete cleaning project on your hands. Figuring this out can help you make key decisions. Each area could require different types of cleaning due to their usage, a concrete driveway will have different dirt and grim to the pool area so it’s important to know what you are dealing with.

Since concrete cleaning can involve chemicals, you need to invest in a high-quality mask to ensure you do not breath in any fumes. You also need to invest in sturdy boots, eye protection and gloves, too.

Man cleaning driveway with portable pressure power washer

Straightforward Concrete Cleaning Tasks

If you have a relatively straightforward concrete cleaning project in front of you, you need a basic all-purpose cleaning product. A standard deck broom should work like a charm. A brush broom that’s on the rigid and resilient side should work just as well, too. A damp work setting is essential. Immerse the whole concrete section prior to putting on any cleaning product. Make sure that your hose is easily accessible as well. You need to make a point to wash the section all throughout the cleaning process.

Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Concrete

If you’ve left your concrete maintenance a little longer than you intended, then it may need a deep clean. This can use cleaning products to help lift the overall dirt that has built up over the years. To sum up the process, we have these handy steps on how to clean your concrete:

  1. Make sure the surface is clean, use a brush to sweep any laying dirt, dust and sand from the surface.
  2. Prepare your cleaning solution of choice.
  3. Pour cleaning solution across the surface and wait a few minutes.
  4. Use a brush to scrub the surface to remove any stubborn stains and dirt.
  5. Clean the surface with a hose and assess the results.

If after this process, the concrete is still showing signs of dirt, repeat the above but leave the cleaning solution on the surface for a longer period of time to allow it to do the work. Depending on your solution, it’s important to read the instructions carefully and follow their guideliness for how long to leave the solution before cleaning.

Sealed Concrete Efforts

Exposed polished aggregate perthManaging a concrete surface that has been sealed in the past tends to be a pretty simple job. These types of surfaces often require quick and casual cleaning sessions. Take note of the presence of conspicuous staining, though. If you observe any signs of persistent grease or oil, you need to get rid of them all prior to handling sealing. Employ either hydrochloric acid or a degreasing formula.

Don’t forget to put your protective attire and accessories on. You need to avoid breathing in aggressive fumes any time you’re around chemicals. Your goal should be to extract oil that may be lingering within the concrete. Make a point to employ hydrochloric acid in a safe and responsible manner. Improper use can harm wellness. It can lead to significant concrete discolouration as well. Make a point to abide by any and all label instructions when dealing with such chemicals.

Know That Professional Assistance Is Available to You

We understand that this can seem like a tough and time consuming task. This combined with the chemicals involved may put many people off and that is completely reasonable.

If you don’t feel like you have the time to do a proper job of it, you can always make the choice to recruit the assistance of proficient and seasoned professionals. Take the time to search for concrete cleaning experts who are a good fit for your budget. Compare quotes carefully. Request examples of earlier assignments as well.

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