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Flooring may not be the first thing that springs to mind when people imagine how their retail space will look. However, it is possibly one of the most significant aspects of the property. Why? The right flooring can serve as a calling card for the business.

In today’s world, where competition is tough among retail shops, you want to stand out from the rest. Your retail store can attract attention if it has upscale flooring. Concrete has become the top material for retail floors because it improves the health and safety of the customers and employees.

Traditional, grey concrete is still quite popular. For example, this shop in London owned by Victoria Beckham chose a more laidback yet sophisticated look with a concrete front door and floors matched with mirrored stainless steel.

But we are not talking about grey concrete as the only option you have. Different variations of decorative concrete have become widely known and now considered top flooring choices. Concrete can even be made to look like wood and other types of flooring. Take a look at this Whole Foods concrete flooring.

Gone are the days when businesses used to doubt concrete, especially its viability in high-traffic areas. Additionally, the unique colours and composition make concrete the best option for retail facilities.

fashion store with polished concrete flooring

Why Choose Concrete For Retail?

There are a bunch of reasons why concrete is the ideal flooring option for businesses, especially in retail situations. We list below some of the benefits that prove decorative concrete will help make your store shine:

  • Concrete is an economical choice.

    Compared to tiles, floorboards, and carpets, concrete is more durable. That means you have fewer worries about breakage and other vulnerabilities. Polished concrete, a type of decorative concrete flooring, does not require supplementary coverings. It contributes to the affordability of the entire flooring installation process.

  • Concrete flooring does not require a lot of maintenance.

    Store owners and operators in Australia already have a lot to think about. Professional floor cleaning is not one of those things you would gladly spend money on every day. With concrete flooring, you can remove this task from your list of to-dos. Decorative concrete, including polished, polished overlay, and honed concrete, is stain-resistant. These flooring types are the low-maintenance option that you have been searching for!

  • The floors are scratch-resistant.

    The retail environment is often busy. Customers in high heels and employees with trolleys move about almost all the time. You also have items on display that are on stands and aisle racks. Your store may have benches for your customers to sit on, as well. All these things add to the convenience of your retail shop. Unfortunately, they can also cause scratch marks, which are often unavoidable.

    Concrete floors, however, can mitigate the appearance of these blemishes. Obviously, this helps lessen the costs of repair, which is not cheap.

  • Installation is speedy.

    The last thing you want is for the flooring installation process to take several days to complete. Time is money, so the goal is to have as little downtime as possible. With cutting-edge equipment, concrete polishing and other relevant procedures can be finished within a day or two. You can continue running your shop right away.

  • It’s green and hypoallergenic.

    Your business will welcome different kinds of people. Some of them may have allergies, and others are incredibly concerned with the environment. Address them all with the right flooring choice. Concrete does not have the ability to retain dust and dirt. Therefore, it is completely hypoallergenic.

    Concrete floors are also eco-friendly. The world today leans towards environmentally-conscious practices. When you opt for concrete flooring, people will notice your effort to aid in helping the planet. How is concrete eco-friendly, you ask? There are plenty of reasons, including:

    • As mentioned, the installation process is quick. Therefore, there is less energy consumed.
    • The materials required are fewer compared to other flooring options out there.
    • It’s easy to clean and maintain concrete floors. They do not require harsh chemicals, and you can simply sweep and mop to get rid of stubborn dirt.
    • If you have glossy concrete, the floor can have high light reflectivity, which reduces your lighting costs.
    • Concrete’s thermal mass properties allow the floors to help reduce costs in heating and cooling.

    Your valued customers will surely appreciate your concern for the Earth.

  • Concrete increases your store’s fire protection.

    Allow your customers to shop with peace of mind. Concrete is a material with inherent fire resistance, which means that it does not need additional protection. It eliminates extra time and costs that you would have spent if you opted for another material, such as timber and carpet. You also do not need to hire tradespeople and perform specific maintenance for fire protection. Additionally, concrete floors can have line marking to safely lead customers and staff to fire exits. For this service, we recommend using a company like Linemarking and Signs WA.

empty retail store with polished concrete

Top Concrete Options for Retail Shops

Supermarkets, grocery stores, and similar businesses have many flooring options available. Concrete is among them, which has a few varieties suitable for a busy environment:

  • Polished Concrete

    This type of concrete involves multiple steps where the initial concrete flooring is mechanically ground and polished before bonding it with abrasives for cutting the surface. Later on, it will be refined even more to achieve the desired appearance.

  • Polished Overlay

    Problem floors are difficult and expensive to repair. They take time, too, which means closing your store for a few days or more just to remove those imperfections. The polished overlay is a more efficient solution. It provides a high-gloss finish, much like polished concrete. The difference is that there are existing concrete slabs that cannot be polished because of major flaws. For shops whose floors have spalled sites and tack holes, a polished overlay is the best option. It has the same benefits as a polished concrete floor without needing to strip the entire flooring surface.

  • Stained Concrete

    If you are all about variation, stained concrete may be what you have been searching for. The staining process allows floors to resemble varied materials, including stone, marble, and wood, among many others. The beauty of this concrete finish is that the materials are never alike, resulting in flooring that is always unique. Even though they have the same style with a flecked look and translucent colouring, no stained concrete has the same appearance as another.

You may not think of it, but flooring can enhance the competitiveness of your store. It speaks of your taste and concern for the customers and the environment. As you offer good products at attractive prices, do not forget about your floors when updating the aesthetics of your retail shop.

If you need help with your retail or commercial property, Decorative Concrete WA can help. We’re the concrete experts and can have your flooring solution ready to open to doors to customers!


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