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It is easy to see why polished concrete flooring is becoming more and more popular. The ease of application and maintenance make the floors a top choice for many homes in Australia. Of course, the resulting high-gloss finish is undeniably incredible. Even businesses go for this option, especially high-profile commercial and retail companies.

Almost all concrete slabs can be polished. However, there can be some problems with this method. Some people complain about concrete breaking off in fragments while others need to repair carpet tack holes. These issues would still be there even after polishing concrete.

The solution is to install polished concrete overlay. They are more economical and will not produce these problems on existing concrete.

polished concrete overlay in a modern home

Why Use Polished Concrete Overlays

If you are having a problem with flooring, you have found the solution for it through polished concrete overlays. They are mostly utilised in homes and businesses to conceal floors that have issues. As a result, you will see that your floor has become effortlessly smooth. The surface will also have no seams, making it look like terrazzo finish.

Polished concrete overlays are advisable to homeowners and business owners who want to enhance the floor that they already have. Using decorative concrete, you can have the appearance for the flooring that you want. The process is mainly comprised of seeding the overlay using coloured aggregate.

Underlying slab imperfections cannot be easily covered up even with polished concrete. It is why overlays are used so these flaws do not show through. Typically, it is achieved after exposing the aggregate through polishing. The process has the same effect as terrazzo but does not cost as much.

Another reason why you may want to go for this option for your home or business is its fast turnaround time. A polished concrete overlay can quickly installed. It is because there is no need to patch or replace the existing concrete flooring.

Another reason why you may want to go for this option for your home or business is its fast turnaround time. A polished concrete overlay can quickly installed. It is because there is no need to patch or replace the existing concrete flooring.

Additionally, polished concrete overlays are much more economical than other choices. It is environmentally-friendly as well. As the awareness for the benefits of this type of flooring grows, more residential and commercial settings continue to choose it over other options.

Where It Can Be Installed

Concrete is used almost everywhere, from concrete pathways to the foundation of a building. It has also become a popular flooring option. With numerous selections available when it comes to the application of concrete, you can find the right solution for you.

Polished concrete overlays can meet any demands, both homes and businesses. They can be installed in homes that have children and those with elderly people. You do not have to be concerned about slips and accidents.

If you are worried about concrete making your home or office look too industrial, you can forget about this common concern. Concrete has evolved so much over the years. By polishing it, you will have a desirable looking floor that appears unique and refined.

Polished concrete overlays can be installed anywhere, but make sure they are for indoor applications only. Homes have them in living areas and even kitchens. Some have them installed in their bedrooms and other parts of the house.

As for businesses, fashion boutiques love them because of the showroom quality these floors produce. They feature natural materials with ambient lighting. Typically, the warm finishes make a casual atmosphere that is perfect for the lounge area of an office. Clothing stores, malls, and small businesses use a polished concrete overlay to achieve a more sophisticated look for in their space.

In a commercial setting, image-based businesses will love polished concrete overlays. If your company portrays an ultramodern image with a minimalist approach on the aesthetic side of things, you will appreciate this type of flooring.

Even those who are picky when it comes to the design of their floors will appreciate polished overlays. It is because they can be customised to the desired colour they may want. It can transform surfaces that have existing problems. After the overlay work, you will have a low-maintenance floor.

For this reason, polished overlays are a great option for those with concrete flooring that is already in poor condition. If you have a concrete floor that has cracks, spalling, or pitted, you can cover these issues with overlays.

Polished Concrete Overlay Trends

There has been an increase in demand for polished concrete and overlays over the past few years. Because many homes and businesses now utilise this type of flooring, new trends have emerged. There is no denying that these polished concrete overlays have become a big style trend in Australia.

Here are some trendy looks for inspiration:

  1. Polished concrete overlay matched with timber inserts. Achieve a classy look with timber inserts that seamlessly complement the glossy shine of the overlay. The concrete flooring already looks great however, you can enhance it with timber inserts that add high contrast. The combination will create that wow factor, thanks to the contrasting pattern generated.
  2. No grout lines Some homeowners and especially businesses get turned off when they see the grout lines. They do not want their living room or showroom looking like it is filled with bathroom tiles. The good news is that you do not have to use grout lines whenever you work with polished concrete overlays.

    If your current flooring has these lines, you can get rid of them with the overlays. The concrete toppings will solve the ugly look you have been dreaming of removing. The best part is that you do not have to completely strip off your flooring. It is an inexpensive solution that can be finished in just a day.

    You can let your creativity run wild because there is no limit to the design you can go for. An example is a free-form design that does not have grout lines. You can even use different colours for a striking finished product.

  3. Subtle colour variations Dividers can take up space. Instead of using them, you can use polished concrete overlays instead. The technique is to have the areas colour-coded. It works best when you opt for variations that are almost similar to each other. For instance, you can use grey to mark one area and light brown or wood for another.
  4. Logos Flooring can also contain the logo of your business, not just the walls. You can find many companies whose flooring uses a polished concrete overlay to emphasise the name and symbol of the business. The shiny finish draws attention to the logo. It may create an industrial look for some, but with proper execution, it can also generate an inviting atmosphere.
  5. A balanced look Many people think that concrete exudes that cold look. If you are concerned about the stony feel of concrete, you can balance it out using the warmth of wood.

modern home concrete overlay

How Businesses Use Polished Concrete Overlay Flooring

As mentioned above, polished concrete overlays are not only used in homes as they are also prolific in commercial settings.

They are the perfect flooring option for the following:

  • Retail stores: Heavy foot traffic is one of the major issues that retail stores have to face each day. Aside from that, there are clothing racks and other structures to deal with. They should be moved from time to time, which can cause floor problems. Polished concrete overlays are durable and can handle footsteps coming and going.
  • Salons: Nail and hair salons may not have as much traffic as retail stores. However, they should project a sleek image to their customers. Therefore, the result of polished concrete overlays, particularly the high-gloss appearance achieves this purpose.
  • Restaurants: If you own a restaurant, you do not want to be among those establishments that use carpets. Although they help eliminate noise and offer some benefits as well, carpets can be unsanitary. Plus, they are difficult to clean. Get rid of all these concerns by simply using concrete flooring, particularly polished concrete overlays.
  • Warehouses: Durable floors are among the top considerations of warehouses when installing new flooring. Concrete is sturdy and can take the beating of heavy industrial equipment. Even forklift tyres will not leave marks on the floor if it is processed with a concrete overlay. Additionally, dust will not get trapped when you used polished concrete.
  • Hospitals: Sanitary floors are a huge requirement for hospitals. Also, the flooring should be smooth enough for wheeling around patients and beds. Polished concrete overlays make it easy for hospitals to manoeuvre patients while still reducing the risk of accidents.

Hotels, offices, and auto showrooms also utilise polished concrete overlays. For durability, low maintenance, affordability, and appeal, you can have it all with this type of flooring.

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