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We’ve all heard about the durability of concrete, but you’re probably wondering if that’s all it offers? Concrete sure gets the flak for being dull, mainly because of its grey colour. However, if that’s what you think concrete is – just grey, boring, and unattractive – then you’re missing out! Today, we will talk about why concrete is suitable for your home, no matter your style preferences. We’ll also share some design ideas to make your concrete floor trendy and exciting.

Contemporary home concrete.

Pros of a Concrete Floor

Concrete has been used in industrial settings for a long time now. It has a no-fuss, plain appearance, which is preferred for warehouse and storage rooms, as well as some offices. But over time, concrete has entered many homes in Perth. If you’re thinking about using concrete as your flooring material, here are some reasons why you should proceed with your plan:

  1. Did you know that concrete is inexpensive? Compared to other popular options, such as stone, wood, and carpet, concrete, including polished concrete floor cost, is relatively cheap. You can apply concrete on a one square metre floor for only $50 to $55. If you want the more decorative concrete options, you slightly raise your budget to about $60 per square metre.
  2. We’ve mentioned that concrete is durable, but it is worth repeating this benefit. That’s because one of its core advantages is its strength. With proper maintenance, you can have concrete flooring that can last a lifetime.
  3. Speaking of maintenance, concrete does not require major upkeep. Just a little bit of sweeping and mopping will do the job. It’s easy to clean, too, even with liquid spills, since it has an innate ability to repel stains.
  4. Concrete is one of the safest materials out there. It resists fire, water, and bacteria. That’s why many people with allergies benefit from concrete floors.

What about the appearance, though? Believe it or not, concrete’s natural look is an advantage. It makes concrete easy to blend with your existing interior design, furniture, and colours.

Living room concrete floors.

Tips on How to Style a Concrete Floor in the House

Concrete is a mainstay in industrial design. But you can turn it into something chic because concrete blends seamlessly with other materials, such as stone and brick. Meanwhile, if your goal is to have a softer or neutral palette, then concrete is your friend. It’s perfect for all rooms in the house, whether you want a toned-down look or a vibrant space.

You can dye, stain, or paint concrete, which produces desirable looks for your floor. Let us begin with a polished concrete floor, which is simply a sleeker and more refined version of raw concrete. It’s highly customisable when it comes to its sheen. You can go from a slight shine to an almost mirror-like surface.

It all depends on your taste. A concrete sealer is required to keep the surface smooth and shiny. But even though there is that additional task, it is not as demanding as you may think. Depending on how busy the area is, you can apply the sealer every six months or once a year.

Here are more ideas that will help you style your concrete floors in every room:

  • Bathroom: One reason why concrete is often the flooring choice for bathrooms is its water resistance. This quality is, of course, crucial when you’re searching for suitable flooring material for this space. However, the problem is that concrete can be slippery. Some people also complain about its coldness. The good news is that these grievances are easy to solve. An anti-slip finish is available, which is applied on the surface of the floor. And since concrete does not insulate heat, you can use an underfloor heating solution to help with the low temperature.
  • Office: if you have a home office, you can use concrete in this room. There’s no other flooring material that exudes industrial sophistication other than concrete. Residential polished concrete floors are common in offices, as they give a stylish yet serious aesthetic to this part of the house.
  • Kitchen and Dining Area: These rooms are among the busiest places in your home. With the foot traffic, you want the floors to be sturdy and require simple maintenance. Concrete offers a design carte blanche, which allows you to accessorise it based on your style and budget. Additionally, concrete is impervious to stains and water, which are common issues in the kitchen.
  • Bedroom: Do you want a stylish yet cosy bedroom? You probably have concrete last in your list of options. In reality, this material is the perfect choice for bedroom flooring. No matter what your colour scheme may be, concrete can match it, thanks to the technology for decorative concrete.
  • Kids’ Rooms: Grey is not a typical colour that you would choose for your child’s bedroom. That’s why concrete is a good choice. You can have playful patterns and colours that your kids will love. Sky’s the limit when it comes to the design you can implement on your concrete floors.
  • Pathways and Driveways: Exposed aggregate is commonly used in these areas. The idea is to grind concrete, exposing the aggregate used, such as stone and stained glass. You instantly get a multicoloured floor that lasts.

Luxury apartment concrete flooring.

Whether you love a smooth, grey finish or a more colourful flooring, concrete’s versatility is difficult to ignore. This material is indeed an excellent choice for your interior and exterior floors. Get in touch with the team at Decorative Concrete Western Australia today to discuss your concrete flooring options.


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