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Brad Russell

Brad's Experience & Expertise

Brad is the Digital Marketing Manager here at Decorative Concrete WA. As such, he is responsible for a range of core business processes including online marketing, business development and web design.

If you landed on our site via Google, it was probably because of Brad’s expertise in search engine optimisation. He has had the honour of being a guest speaker at some of Australia’s most popular online marketing conferences, including the PeSA Internet Conference (now known as Retail Global) and the Online Retailer Roadshow.

He loves to write for the Decorative Concrete WA blog and share his insights on home improvement, design and decor.

His Hobbies

When he’s not diving in to his latest digital marketing project, Brad enjoys watching Aussie Rules football (particularly the West Coast Eagles). He also loves playing football and is an active member of the Wembley Veterans Football Club.

Outside of football, he likes to spend time outdoors, particularly at the beach, on the paddle board or at the park with his daughter.