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We Offer a Range of Different Surfaces and Colours

Having a beautiful, low maintenance pool surround is the dream of many pool owners, and at Decorative Concrete WA, we can turn the dream into reality.

Many people with pools do not realise how much of a difference a solid, quality pool deck, edging, or surround will make in regard to the amount of use and enjoyment their pool will provide. After all, battling with cracks, weeds, and crumbling deck areas takes the fun out of owning a pool.

When we arrive to give you a free design consultation and an estimate, we will examine your pool area, checking for problems or potential hazards. Our designer will spend the majority of their time listening to you; finding out what products and services of Decorative Concrete WA will best suit your needs, your style, and your budget.

Using decorative concrete around your pool area is a durable, low maintenance, and beautiful way to achieve incredible results at a fraction of the cost for other frequently used, and costlier, materials. Our talented concrete artisans can replicate favourite high-end products such as wood, stone, or slate at a fraction of the cost.

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Stand Out From the Crowd

Additionally, we can give your pool a customised look by adding Glowcrete (glow in the dark concrete) into the material we use.

Pool edging, also called pool coping, is an important step to give your pool a finished look. At Decorative Concrete WA, we find that poured concrete is a wonderful way to maintain a clean, uninterrupted line blending the deck or surround right to the pool. Matching the kinds of concrete used in the surround and the edging unifies the entire area making a seamless transition. We recommend pairing this with epoxy pool paint for a high-end look.

If you would prefer a unique look, consider using a complementary coloured concrete to make the edging stand out. This look can be achieved with various colours of the same material or by mixing types of decorative concrete, such as having a concrete pool surround and an exposed aggregate edging.

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    Want a truly beautiful concrete finish for your pool surrounds?

    We Can Make Your Pool Deck or Surround From Several Different Kinds of Decorative Concrete.

    Stamped Concrete

    Using a stamper allows us to add nearly limitless kinds of patterns and textures into a concrete pool deck.

    Beautiful geometric patterns, brick or tile designs, and even wood grains will instantly upgrade the look of the concrete surrounding your pool or other outdoor entertaining areas.

    Coloured Concrete

    By adding powdered pigments to a concrete mixture, we can create stunning effects around your pool.

    While we can create a rainbow of colours in concrete, we suggest that our customers choose white and light colours because they will reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it.

    Exposed Aggregate

    Mixing and exposing an aggregate in the concrete around a pool looks cutting edge.

    This technique is deceptively simple, and it will not destroy your budget. Exposed aggregate is a versatile and customisable method to create a unique look that is comfortable for walking.


    Steps are sometimes an overlooked part of your home or business. They usually receive attention when they begin to fall into a state of disrepair. At Decorative Concrete WA, we can turn ordinary stairs into fabulous focal points of your home or work place.

    Replacing steps is a straightforward process which typically takes a few days, including drying and curing time. We can create concrete steps to coordinate with or accent nearly any architectural style.

    Also, we can create your stairs using any type of our decorative concrete products. Regardless of the type of concrete product we use, we will be sure to make your new stairs safe and skid resistant, as well as beautiful and durable. Our design consultants will assist you in creating the perfect steps for you.

    Additionally, you can count on us to install safe and sturdy hand railings. Aside from being a safety feature, stair rails are typically an essential addition to meet building codes. We can use any of a wide variety of materials including concrete, wrought iron, or wood.

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    Choose Your Ideal Finish
    We have a huge range of decorative concrete finishes for your pool surrounds.

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