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The team at Decorative Concrete WA added an exposed aggregate driveway, steps and an entranceway to a high-end property in Doubleview. The client was exceptionally happy with the end result, which can be seen in the video below:


The Property and Project

The property is a high-end home with two units in the back. The home sits atop a hilly slope. In addition to stunning views of Perth, the swimming pool area offers an amazing view of the sea. Over 300m2 of decorative concrete was used for this project.

The property owner hired Decorative Concrete WA to place concrete around the front of the house, as well as complete a full driveway installation. Additionally, the team added floating steps and steppers, which added an element of uniqueness.

Our expert team carefully avoided any curves in the concrete work, as this would conflict with the lines of the structure and the modern design of the property.

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The Product

The team at Decorative Concrete WA carefully tailors each project to maximise the safety and durability of the concrete work. At the same time, we create gorgeous one-of-a-kind looks for each property.

In this case, the sloped driveway led to the decision to use an exposed aggregate for the following reasons.

  • Exposed aggregate has a superior ability to grip
  • Exposed aggregate comes in a wide selection of colours
  • Our skilled team knew what to do to on the sloped ground to maintain the integrity of the concrete

Project Challenges

This project had a unique set of challenges that our team had to overcome to get the job done. The main challenges included:

  • Weather – This project took place in June, so our employees battled rain throughout the time they spent on the project
  • Sloped property – Different types of materials and techniques are necessary when placing concrete on sloped surfaces
  • Other contractors – Generally, the concrete work begins after the construction of the house is complete. For this project, other contractors were on the job at the same time as the Decorative Concrete WA team. While this posed no excessive challenge, the team members were careful to assure the safety of all workers on the site.
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The Stunning Results

In only ten days, Decorate Concrete WA laid 300m2 of gorgeous Black Pepper exposed aggregate from the Limecrete range. The flecks of white and brown in the aggregate worked with the black stone to create a stunning and sophisticated look that the client loved.

As you can see from the video and images above, the results were exceptional.