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Brad Russell

As the Digital Marketing Manager, Brad Russell’s role is to get the word out in the digital space about Decorative Concrete WA. As a business-savvy professional, Brad knows how to enhance brand awareness for the company. It is his job to increase website traffic and take care of the website’s search engine optimisation requirements.

His Best Qualities

Brad is described as analytical and perpetually curious, particularly with regards to new marketing and design tactics in the online world. He takes his responsibilities in the company seriously, from developing to implementing to managing marketing campaigns on the web.

The SEO Authority

Thanks to his expertise in SEO, you found our site via Google. He also writes for our blog here at Decorative Concrete WA, where he shares his thoughts, proficiency, and know-how in anything about home improvement.

Because of his renowned capabilities, he gets frequent invitations to speak at the top online marketing conferences in Australia. Among them include the PeSA Internet Conference, which is now called Retail Global. He was also one of the noteworthy speakers at the Online Retailer Roadshow.

Brad in His Free Time

Brad is a huge fan of Aussie Rules football (and the West Coast Eagles in particular). He has played amateur football for 10+ years and is now an active member of the Wembley Veterans Football Club.

When he is not playing football, he is enjoying his time under the sun, usually on a stand-up paddleboard or at the beach. If he is not at the beach, you can probably spot him at the park, spending time with his daughter.

Brad Russell
Levi Saunders

Levi Saunders

Levi Saunders is the Business Development Manager here at Decorative Concrete WA. He has many tasks in the company, but always meets expectations successfully. It is his job to develop and diversify the business to guarantee future growth. Levi excels in project management, which is why he takes on the role of being the first point of contact for potential clients.

Background in Concreting

Levi was once a part of the mining industry where he took part in a reverse circulation (RC) drill rig. Such an experience under his belt allowed him to know the ins and outs of the concrete sector. In fact, he continued serving the mining and construction industries where he had several roles, including advanced scaffolder and rigger.

Levi soon turned to construction, but more on the creative side, which involved decorative concrete. The demand for such type of concrete surface, especially in Perth and surrounding areas, has given Levi the motivation to carry on with what he already started.

Decorative Concrete WA Was Born

Thus, Decorative Concrete WA was born – a company that strives to meet the demand for decorative concrete surfaces in both the residential and commercial properties in Perth.

Levi’s health and safety background make him a firm believer that a safe working environment equates to efficiency and productivity.

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