Looking for the best exposed aggregate, liquid limestone and decorative concrete in Perth?

Are you thinking about transforming your old, boring concrete into a more durable and unique surface? Here’s the solution: decorative concrete. This type of concrete can be found in patios, indoor floors, entryways, pool decks, and even benchtops. It’s not just for people with expansive properties with elaborate driveways but also for one-room remodels and even busy offices. Decorative concrete can turn a dull room that uses plain grey concrete into a more beautiful space with pleasing elements.

The Decorative Concrete WA blog features a compilation of posts that centre around decorative concrete, such as polished and honed aggregate and polished overlay. That way, you can decide if decorative concrete is best for your home or business.


Polished concrete is less expensive than carpet.

Concrete vs Carpet: Which is the Better Choice for Your Home?

Carpets have always been a staple in many homes, but so is concrete. When choosing between the two, concrete floors seem to be the easy choice. However, some people find concrete to be bland, which is why they go for carpets instead. Concrete is a practical flooring option, bringing thoughts of patios, pathways, and pool decks to mind. But concrete is not just for outdoor flooring. Much like carpets, concrete can have a place inside your home and not just ...
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Cleaning driveway using power washer.

How to Clean Concrete Driveway: Our Best Tips

It's easy to tell when a decorative concrete driveway is brand new. It looks stunning for the first year or two until it loses its lustre over time. But that's fine because cleaning a concrete driveway is not rocket science. It's easy, undemanding, and only requires a few steps to tidy it up ...
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Liquid Limestone driveway.

5 Benefits of Liquid Limestone for Your Home

Limestone is not a new material in the construction industry. It has been used for centuries, including in iconic buildings like the Empire State Building, Flatiron Building, and even the Megalithic Temples of Malta. But modern times call for new and improved building materials, and this is where liquid limestone comes in ...
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Contemporary home.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Concrete for Your Driveway

Are you tired of seeing cracks and stains on your driveway? Then you're probably searching for clues as to which material would suit a driveway with normal to heavy traffic. If so, you may want to consider concrete. Concrete is the favoured material for many Perth driveways – and with good reason ...
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Modern home with concrete flooring.

What Makes Concrete the Floor of the Future

Concrete is a construction material that keeps reinventing itself to keep up with the trends and modern requirements. It received some criticism in the past for its lack of style and its impacts on the environment. But over the years, concrete has dramatically improved in many ways, including its performance and eco-friendliness. It's also lauded in the looks department ...
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