Looking for the best exposed aggregate, liquid limestone and decorative concrete in Perth?

Are you thinking about transforming your old, boring concrete into a more durable and unique surface? Here’s the solution: decorative concrete. This type of concrete can be found in patios, indoor floors, entryways, pool decks, and even benchtops. It’s not just for people with expansive properties with elaborate driveways but also for one-room remodels and even busy offices. Decorative concrete can turn a dull room that uses plain grey concrete into a more beautiful space with pleasing elements.

The Decorative Concrete WA blog features a compilation of posts that centre around decorative concrete, such as polished and honed aggregate and polished overlay. That way, you can decide if decorative concrete is best for your home or business.


Cleaning driveway using power washer.

Benefits to Power wash

Concrete is versatile and durable, with looks to complement any decorative style. It is vital to clean it properly to help it maintain its appearance for the long haul. If you have exposed aggregate, you should learn the best way to wash it to protect your investment.   Your concrete surfaces will benefit from power washing as it removes dirt, mould, and many stains, which helps extend the life and appearance of aggregate concrete.  ...
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When selecting a concrete design for your pool, consider your budget, climate, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.

Get Your Pool Ready for Summer: Best Concrete Designs for Pools

Pools intersect with almost everything, from outdoor grilling to daily workouts and fun parties. The more you use it, the more your swimming pool becomes the heart of the outdoor living space. It's a place where you create cherished memories with your family and friends while serving as a relaxation hub ...
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Keep your alfresco area cool and enjoyable this summer.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Concrete Alfresco for Summer

The warm weather is on the horizon. It's a busy season where you probably have a million things to do. While you list your tasks, don't forget about transforming your concrete alfresco to get ready for some outdoor fun with family and friends ...
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Modern minimalist bathroom.

Top 5 Concrete Trends for Your Home 2023

Concrete has been around for aeons, with some evidence of its earliest existence around 6500 BC. Over the years, this incredible building material has evolved with the emergence of many varieties, including decorative concrete excellent for customisation and artistic expression. Along with its evolution comes the many stylistic trends homes have adopted and are known to love. Because of the durability and timelessness of the material, these concrete trends are expected to outlast other designs and building fads ...
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Exposure to cold weather can have serious consequences on concrete.

Essential Maintenance Tips for Wet and Cold Seasons

While numerous aspects of laying concrete are carefully controlled while applying it, even the best professionals are unable to control the weather. Fortunately, Western Australians do not need to be concerned about heaps of snow piling up on their new concrete driveways or patios. However, the cold and wet weather during the winter still impacts newly poured concrete ...
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