Looking for the best concrete driveways in Perth? ✅ We offer exposed aggregate, liquid limestone and other forms of concrete.

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We Offer a Range of Different Surfaces to Suit Every Taste and Budget

Some of our most popular materials for driveways and garages include exposed aggregate, honed aggregate, liquid limestone, and standard grey concrete. While all of these materials are durable and low maintenance, each has its individual properties that set it apart from the others.

Tip: for further information, we recommend reading our ‘Which Concrete Surface is Right For You?‘ guide.

What Does Your Driveway Say About Your House?

When someone visits your home or business, one of the first things that they notice is your driveway. A shoddy looking entrance can ruin the façade of the most elegant home. Cracks, weeds, and broken pieces of the driveway simply scream neglect.

Fortunately, our expert team at Decorative Concrete WA can easily bring new life to your tired driveway in many beautiful and affordable ways. Concrete holds up better over time and will not sink into your driveway. This prevents grasses, weeds and insects from taking over.

Decorative concrete driveway

Perth's Best Concrete Driveways

An expertly crafted driveway adds a bold and modern look to your home. Additionally, it is highly durable (which is particularly important in Perth’s harsh summer climate).

The team at Decorative Concrete WA have been laying quality driveways for 15+ years. For some examples of our previous work, view our past projects here.

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    We have a huge range of different surfaces to suit every taste and budget.

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