Concrete Driveways

exposed aggregate perth localWhen someone visits your home or business, one of the first things that they notice is your driveway. A shoddy looking entrance can ruin the façade of the most elegant home. Cracks, weeds, and broken pieces of the driveway simply scream neglect. Fortunately, experts at Decorative Concrete WA can easily bring new life to your tired driveway in many beautiful and affordable ways. Concrete drives hold up better over time and also will not sink into your yard. They prevent grasses, weeds, and insects from taking over your drive as well.

Some of our most popular materials for driveways and walk ways include honed concrete, liquid limestone, exposed aggregate, and plain concrete. While all of these materials are durable and low maintenance, each has its individual properties that set it apart from the others.

Concrete driveway costUsing traditional concrete will not relegate your drive to boring. On the contrary, an expertly crafted traditional driveway adds a bold and modern look to your home. Additionally, it has a clean crisp look and is durable. Because of the price and durability of all of these kinds of concrete, it ‘s hard to imagine why anyone would consider any other material for their driveway.

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Honed concrete perth

Honed concrete

is ground with a special machine to remove the very top layer allowing the unique variety of quartz and other aggregates to show through. Once the grinding is complete, we seal the concrete to protect it.

Perth liquid limestone

Liquid Limestone

is a blend of crushed concrete mixed with crushed limestone and other materials that makes a pourable compound. Since it is a mixture of two highly durable materials, liquid limestone is stronger than concrete. Because of its strength and fluid consistency, liquid limestone is very useful for making curved driveways or paths.

Best exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate

is concrete where pieces of rocks, pebbles, or some other kind of aggregate is mixed with the concrete to give a one of a kind look to any surface.

Standard grey concrete

Standard gray concrete

is by far the oldest and best known of all of the concrete varieties. It is often pictured when someone hears the word “concrete.” It is an excellent material for driveways, and it is still a favorite medium with our customers.

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