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Honed aggregate is technically another type of exposed aggregate. Our team uses the same decorative mix in honed and exposed (washed) aggregate.

The only difference is the honed mix has to be at a higher strength to be ground down. Since the materials are the same, you will have the same huge variety of aggregate mixes that you would with exposed/washed aggregate.

The detail that sets honed aggregate apart from exposed aggregate is the fact that honed aggregate is mechanically ground down, giving the material a much smoother finish than exposed aggregate. This smooth finish tends to add a modern flair to the areas where it is used and makes your surfaces “ouch-less”, a great feature if you have children running around your home.

Honing aggregate
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Where is Honed Aggregate Suitable?

Honed aggregate is a viable choice for many of the same places that exposed aggregate works. These include:

  • Alfresco areas
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Surrounding pools and spas
  • High traffic areas
  • Indoor areas like foyers, bathrooms, or kitchens
  • Kitchen counters
  • Carports

Note: though a structurally sound choice, many of our customers believe the smoother finish of honed aggregate is not suitable for driveways.

Need further help? Read our in-depth concrete comparison guide to discover which concrete surface is right for you.


Honed aggregate is a type of exposed aggregate that achieves an even, polished finish (while staying a non-slip surface). The honing process involves grinding down a surface until it becomes flat and smooth. The application is treated with diamond tools, along with a few more treatments, that will soon lead to a mosaic-like appearance. This technique is not only used on floors but also walls and benchtops.

Honed aggregate can cost anywhere from $100 to $180 per square metre. In some cases, the amount is much lower, starting at $70 or $80. The final price will depend on many factors; including the type of materials you want to use and the size of the floor space. Some materials are also pricier than others, although they produce a truly unique finish. You may want to request a quote to get an estimate, so you can determine if it fits your budget.

Yes, honed aggregate is costlier, especially when compared with standard concrete. The choice of materials or aggregates can affect the final price as well. Although more expensive, honed aggregate can last longer and requires less maintenance than standard concrete. Therefore, homeowners save more money in the long run.

Honed aggregate takes about two to four hours to dry. However, you may need to wait two or more days before you start walking on the surface like normal. It also takes a minimum of seven days for the curing process to complete. During this time, it is recommended that you do not pass through the pathway or flooring with a heavy vehicle. In some instances, you may have to wait 28 to 30 days before the honed aggregate flooring becomes fully serviceable.

Honed aggregate is not only elegant-looking, but incredibly durable as well. It is why this type of flooring is preferred by commercial properties, such as apartments and stores. It can handle high, repeated foot traffic. Even with minimal maintenance, honed aggregate can last several years without cracking. It will also not fade and discolour with proper care. When outdoors, the surface may require sealers with UV stable coating, mainly when the area receives plenty of sun exposure.

Just like concrete surfaces, honed aggregate floors can get hot. However, it is not as hot as other types of flooring, which is why it is the preferred option for pool decks, pathways, and alfresco. It helps if you keep the area shaded, especially in the summer to retain the coolness of the night. One benefit of honed aggregate is that it releases heat slowly. Although it can get hot, it will not be painfully hot, so it is still tolerable even for those with sensitive skin.

Because of the smooth and polished surface, cleaning honed aggregate flooring is a breeze. A quick sweep using your good old-fashioned broom will suffice. Sweeping should be done daily. Every once in a while, you can also use a floor polisher and wax. It will help maintain or even improve the shine of the surface. You can do this task every few months. Although it does not require a lot of maintenance, you should still regularly clean the floors to remove dust and other debris.

Routine maintenance is required to keep the original shine and durability of the honed aggregate surface. Daily dust mopping helps remove dirt and grime, which may scratch the floor. Wet mopping should also be performed frequently. Use water or a floor cleaner that is pH-balanced when mopping to get rid of suspended dirt. Also, pick softer pads when cleaning the floor to prevent any scuffing or etching.

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    We Can Hone Existing Aggregate

    Another advantage of honed concrete is that we are often able to hone your existing exposed aggregate. The benefits of this include:

    • Refreshes your current concrete surfaces
    • Often removes stains which may have developed over time
    • Turns old lackluster aggregate into a refined feature
    • Cost effective
    • Time-saving (as it requires no concrete pouring)
    • Eliminates the need to remove and dispose of the old concrete

    What Are the Other Advantages and Disadvantages?

    The benefits of honed aggregate far outweigh the negative aspects of this type of decorative concrete.


    • Surface is scratch resistant
    • Very low maintenance and highly durable
    • Easy to clean with just a broom and a garden hose
    • Moisture resistant
    • Comfortable and slip resistant


    • Repairs are costly
    • Initial investment may be high
    Honed aggregate

    Why choose concrete?
    It’s a beautiful, cost effective material that will last for decades (while needing only minor maintenance).

    Honed aggregate pool

    Benefits of Honed Aggregate Concrete

    Honed aggregate concrete, also referred to as honed concrete, is an excellent choice for residential and commercial use. It is versatile and has a refined look that elevates any interior or exterior. Other benefits of honed aggregate concrete include:

    • Hardiness – Honed concrete is widely regarded as one of the top surfaces on the market when it comes to strength and resilience. It easily withstands consistently heavy traffic.
    • Minimal Maintenance – An attribute of honed concrete that makes it a top choice is its level of maintenance. The smooth surface is easy to clean with sweeping and an occasional pressure wash. Resealing every few years will prevent fading and increase stain resistance.
    • Weather-Resistant – For residents of Western Australia, the ability to withstand the weather is a must for any outdoor material. Honed concrete is an ideal choice for use outdoors. Whether you are improving your alfresco area, covering your driveway, or making a pathway to your granny flat, you can be sure honed concrete will endure all Mother Nature has to offer.

    Honed Concrete vs Exposed Concrete

    Deciding on a type can be difficult because concrete is so adaptable, durable, and attractive. Numerous clients ask, “What is the difference between honed concrete and exposed concrete?”

    There are several differences between the two types of concrete. These include:

    • The Finish – The most noticeable difference between honed and exposed concrete is the surface of honed concrete is ground down until the material has an elegant, polished finish. The finish of exposed concrete is less enhanced, enabling the various stones, glass or pebbles used in the material to be visible. Honed concrete lends itself to grand interiors, but exposed concrete gives a more artistic look.
    • Slip Resistance – While honed concrete is a comfortable surface to walk on, it can become slick, and an anti-slip coating is often required for added safety. Exposed concrete is more slip-resistant and a bit safer around pools or other areas that frequently are wet. Essentially, both honed and exposed concrete are suitable for these surfaces.
    • Heat – While all concrete surfaces can become hot when exposed to the sun, honed concrete typically does not become painfully hot like exposed concrete can. This makes honed the better choice for outdoor areas exposed to full sun.
    • Durability – Both materials are quite durable. Honed concrete is often the first choice of businesses because of its upscale appearance and durability. Exposed concrete tends to be favoured for driveways and walkways where honed appears excessively fancy.
    Honed Aggregate

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