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Code of Conduct

Decorative Concrete WA acts with integrity. Our staff members value the correct behaviours, which we believe are critical to executing our roles as a business. We serve as exemplary members of a corporate group in the communities where we operate while supporting their development.

One of our core values is integrity, which we define as a crucial building block for our company culture. It describes Decorative Concrete WA, what our company does, and how our employees behave.

We strive to create an environment where compliance is the central focus as both accountability and honesty thrive. Our code of conduct ensures that everyone in the company shares a commitment to operate the business with integrity. It guides us on how we can put this commitment to practice. Furthermore, it helps ensure that we adhere to the rules and laws in Australia.

Safety Measures

The importance of safety, when working with decorative concrete, cannot be stressed enough. It is a good thing that concrete is mostly easy to work with and versatile enough for any surface. Nevertheless, Decorative Concrete WA always takes safety precautions, including the use of proper head and eye gear. Our workers also have back and skin protection.

Once we have finished working, we will give you pointers on how to keep everyone safe. We make safety a priority, both for the homeowners and our crew.

Work Quality

At Decorative Concrete WA, we specialise in excellent design and innovative implementation of exposed aggregate concrete. Our abundance of knowledge in the concreting industry allows us to give you top-notch results.

We are confident in the structural strength and durability of our products. They are designed to last for several years with minimal maintenance effort on your part. It is easy for us to achieve longevity and reliability for our concreting work because we only use high-quality materials.

Our company is fully insured. We are prepared to handle both residential and commercial projects with efficiency and your satisfaction in mind.

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As with every project, time is of the essence. We know that you value your time, which is why we treat it the same way. Most of our customers have a strict schedule to follow. Concreting can take time, and there could be interruptions if not executed properly. Our company takes timing seriously. We want to finish on time, but we also want to give you the best results.

We will often provide you with a timeframe that we intend to stick to throughout the whole process. If there are any delays, you will be the first to know about it.

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Customer Satisfaction and Referrals

As with every business, we want to be profitable and happy customers are the way towards this particular goal. We effectively manage the expectations of our customers by giving them every pertinent detail of the project. It not only helps with communication but also minimises rework.

Customers pay their hard-earned money for our services. It is why they expect no less than perfection. If they notice that there are small flaws or defects, they will think that they did not get what they paid for.

Because returning to the job site means more expenses, we want to make sure that we leave when the customers are satisfied with the results.

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