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Why is Sustainability So Important to Us?

We are aware of the impact of different industrial processes on the environment. In Australia, it has always been a primary concern with more than 30% of the countries agricultural land viewed as severely degraded. Power stations in Australia are also among the most toxic in the world.

It is why Decorative Concrete WA takes steps in reducing pollution by going for sustainable product options:

  • We focus on sustainable supply methods of concrete
  • Environmentally safe waste management procedures and strategies
  • Proper disposal of hazardous materials

Clean Capture Method

Where possible, we try to adopt clean and capture methodology for exposed aggregates. Traditionally, the procedure involves high-pressure cleaning on the top layer on the concrete that has a surface retarder. Unfortunately, homeowners do not know that the process can lead to concrete flowing down the gutters, drains, pipes, and pits. Potential blockages and polluted waterways can occur unless there are protective measures in place.

Decorative Concrete WA can often eliminate the use of high-pressure cleaning. Where possible we go for the no-mess cleaning and capturing system for exposing a beautifully finished exposed aggregate. It is the perfect choice for those with small areas, driveways, walkways, or even indoor areas.

We have a huge range of different designs!
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The Perth Community

We care for the Perth community as a whole. Aside from our sustainable products and eco-friendly services, we make sure our processes will contribute to the growth of the community. We have seen how Perth and the nearby areas have evolved over the years.

Each Home Has a Unique Requirement

Whether in design, style, landscaping, or budget. We always strive to meet every requirement and demand. In fact, we see it as a personal and company obligation to deliver Perth the best concreting service.

We value a friendly and good working relationship, not only with the clients but with the whole community, especially for large-scale projects. We keep to the rules and regulations to ensure that we carry out our jobs without disturbing other residents or workers in the area.

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