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The Product

For the project in Bayswater, the clients wanted a new driveway, an alfresco area, and footpaths on the side of the house. They wanted a colour that would look great and coordinate with the prominent features of the house. To accomplish this, the clients chose Kajanni White, a premium Limecrete mix washed honed aggregate. The product looked exceptional against the key features of the home. Additionally, the clients would enjoy the numerous benefits of honed concrete, such as,

  • Long Lasting
  • High Anti-Slip
  • Maintains Colour

The final touch would be adding a granule sealer to enhance the slip resistance of the honed concrete.

Bayswater Product
Bayswater Challenges

The Challenges

As with all projects, the team encountered a few challenges while sorting out the best way to meet the needs and requests of the client. A sharp angle in the concrete driveway was one of the first challenges to conquer. The team determined that using three transitions would prevent scratching when cars entered or left the driveway. This method also gave a smooth appearance.

Flooding and standing water during heavy rains were addressed by adding drainage near the garage and concrete alfresco area. Additionally, the honed driveway was ticked up to prevent water from going into the front door.

The Result

The clients were highly satisfied with the finished product and the care the team from Decorative Concrete took with the project. They were pleased with the idea of matching stones with key features of the home. This accentuates the house without being overly matched.

The clients were excited about how the team used a granule sealer on the new concrete. The surface still appears beautiful, and the granules are not rough or uncomfortable to walk on in bare feet while the chance of slipping is significantly reduced.

Bayswater Result