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The owner of this property contacted Decorative Concrete WA requesting information about concrete work for a newly constructed double story home on Bristol Avenue in Bicton.

The project included a footpath and driveway. After exchanging several emails with Rich from Decorative Concrete WA, the owner felt confident that he would get the results he wanted.

Project Challenges

  1. The first challenge Decorative Concrete WA encountered was proving to the Melville council that the driveway was not over the size guidelines and adhered to the local regulations. A small amount of landscaping was used to demonstrate the driveway and the footpath were not connected.
  2. Because of the cost of the house, Jared, the owner of the property had a tight budget for the concrete work. The team at Decorative Concrete WA searched and compared prices until they found Granite from Limecrete at $85m².The typical price for a product such as this is between $90-100m².
  3. Jared was happy with the savings of between $500 to $1,500 for the materials, as the project required 100m² of concrete to complete.
  4. Earthworks were necessary to ready the property. Decorative Concrete WA workers spent approximately a day and a half preparing for the pour.
Bristol Ave Bicton
Bristol Ave Bicton


Decorative Concrete WA carefully complies with all codes and regulations when working on a project. Safety is always a priority for every job. There were several measures taken during the work on the Bristol Avenue project. These included:

  • Traffic management with cones (because of large earth-moving equipment)
  • Covering areas of the property to protect them from any damage
  • Decorative Concrete WA’s standard safety requirements for employees including steel-toe shoes, safety glasses and headgear. Additionally, team members used skin protection and hearing protection whenever necessary.

Project Timeline

The Bristol Avenue project took our team the typical amount of time (outlined below) because the crew did not encounter any problems with weather or other unforeseen issues.

  • Days 1 and 2 – Prepare the area for landscaping changes and concrete pour. The team used chair mesh to be sure the mesh was stable and did not give way during the concrete pour
  • Day 3 – Pour the concrete
  • Day 4 – The new concrete received an acid wash
  • Day 5 – The team sealed the new concrete

Additionally, our team members cleaned the work area so that it was cleaner than when they arrived.

Bristol Ave Bicton
Bristol Ave Bicton


The overall results were stunning. The dark stones provided the perfect contrasting effect. The client was very pleased with the work by the Decorative Concrete WA team. He commended us on our:

  • Efficiency
  • Polite conduct
  • Quality work
  • Adherence to the timeline set at the start of the project
  • Cleaning and making the area look better than when we arrived

In Jared’s words; “Rich and his team produced a great looking driveway and footpath. The whole project went smoothly and I am very happy with the outcome. Thanks guys!”


ALERT: A scammer posing as our employee has reached out to clients advertising on third party websites. When receiving a quote from us, please ensure the quote comes from info@decorativeconcretewa.com.au or 0467 637 485.