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Sam, the owner of this property in Kalgoorlie, reached out to Decorative Concrete WA based on work she had viewed on our website. She wanted decorative concrete for her pool surrounds, but many Perth-based companies she called would not travel to Kalgoorlie.

We knew that doing concrete work in Kalgoorlie had the potential to become a logistical nightmare. However, we relished the idea of a challenge and were confident we could fulfil Sam’s vision.

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Kalgoorlie decorative concrete pool Kalgoorlie decorative concrete pool

Client's Testimonial

These guys are fantastic! Thanks to Rich and his team for the amazing job they did around my pool area with Glowcrete!

It was amazing working with you. Rich drove up all the way from Perth to Kalgoorlie, and everything was spot on and organised in a very professional way. I would recommend them any time to my friends, family or the general public.

Thanks to you I am now loving my Bali style pool area to its full potential. 😁Well done! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Project Challenges


The first challenge was the lack of necessary materials in Kalgoorlie. After placing several calls, we discovered that there were no decorative aggregate mixes in Kalgoorlie.

Not to be deterred, we devised a plan where Decorative Concrete WA would pick up two tons of stone in Perth and drive it to a plant in Kalgoorlie. The distance between the cities is roughly 600 km and a drive there would take about six and a half to seven hours, depending on conditions. Very few businesses would go to these lengths to please a customer.

We delivered the two tons of stone to a plant where it would be processed. The stone would be nearby when our team were ready to use it.

Kalgoorlie decorative concrete pool
Kalgoorlie decorative concrete pool


The climate in Kalgoorlie proved to be another challenge for the Decorative Concrete WA team. The project took place during a heatwave and temperatures reached 45 degrees on some days.

Aside from concern about workers’ well-being, we had the difficult task of making sure the concrete did not dry too quickly because of the heat.

Concrete needs a fair amount of water so it can reach its full strength. If a concrete slab dries too quickly, it is likely to be weaker, and in severe instances, the concrete will become almost chalk-like.

Our team members acted quickly to protect Sam’s investment. By keeping the concrete sufficiently wet, the team slowed the curing process. This allowed the concrete to reach its full strength before drying. Decorative Concrete WA allowed the concrete to cure for a week; with excellent results.

Commitment to the customer and excellence in their work motivated our workers to assure a good result, even though it took a bit more effort and time. Frequently, a detail such as this would slide past those with less emphasis on excellence in their work, or would go unnoticed by less experienced concrete workers.

Kalgoorlie decorative concrete pool
Kalgoorlie decorative concrete pool


Kalgoorlie concrete is different from the concrete found in metropolitan areas. Using the local red sand will cause the concrete to have a sticky consistency. Additionally, the red sand impacts the colour of the concrete; often giving a brownish tint to the material.

In this instance, Decorative Concrete WA workers expertly accounted for the different texture and had no problems using the red sand concrete. The added pigments from the red sand looked perfect in the pool area and did not pose a problem.

The client was thrilled with the result. The carefully crafted seamless edge, enhanced with glow stones, has a unique upscale look not found everywhere else.


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