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Are you tired of seeing cracks and stains on your driveway? Then you’re probably searching for clues as to which material would suit a driveway with normal to heavy traffic. If so, you may want to consider concrete. Concrete is the favoured material for many Perth driveways – and with good reason.

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In this blog, we give you five reasons why you should go for concrete when installing your new driveway.

1. A Concrete Driveway Is More Affordable Than Many Other Materials

Bricks and stones are among the popular options for driveways. However, these materials are considerably more expensive than concrete. In reality, concrete is not the most affordable out there. People typically turn to gravel and asphalt, which are much cheaper than concrete. The difference is that those two other materials are not as durable.

Hence, homeowners have to spend more trying to repair their driveway compared to the stronger and longer-lasting concrete. And this is why concrete is the number one material for driveways. So, if cost efficiency is what you’re aiming for, you can rely on concrete.

2. Beat the Heat with Concrete

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons Perth homes choose concrete is its great performance despite high temperatures. When selecting your driveway material, climate should always be a significant consideration. WA generally has hot summers and sunny days most of the year. You want a driveway that does not crack and give in when the temperatures soar.

Other materials go through a cycle of softening and will reharden once the environment cools down. As a result, you will immediately see flaws, such as sagging and fractures. You want a material that will not buckle and heave even in the hottest of summers. And this is where concrete shines.

Speaking of shine, concrete also performs well under extreme lighting conditions. It even helps reduce your need to use more lights inside your home. That’s because concrete reflects light, making it bounce to your home, where you require illumination. This attribute gives you energy savings, which is challenging to match with other driveway materials.

And since concrete does not absorb light and heat, mainly because of its light colour, it is cool to the touch. In comparison, asphalt, which is usually black or dark grey, will soap up the heat from the sun. It can get so hot that you could fry an egg. That can be dangerous, especially when you have kids around who may decide to take off their shoes.

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3. Have a Busy Driveway? No Problem!

The durability and rigidity of concrete is a thing of beauty. This material is non-flexible, which means that it will not bend, move, or be deformed when a heavy vehicle approaches your driveway. Asphalt and many other materials will easily flex if you subject them to heavy vehicles, such as trucks. So, even if you spend less on the material and installation service, you will end up shelling out more money because of the frequent repairs.

This is why concrete is the choice material for warehouses and storage rooms. They get a constant barrage of heavy machinery and equipment on a day to day basis, yet the flooring still looks immaculate even after many years. This example shows you how superior concrete is when it comes to strength and robustness.

4. Concrete is So Easy to Maintain

Concrete indeed requires sealing every six months or a year, depending on the type of concrete surface you have. But sealers and a little bit of TLC will be all you need to sustain your concrete driveway. You do not have to do a lot to keep concrete from deteriorating – even when it snows or during cold weather.

The magic begins with the contractor that you hire. Always look for real professionals who have been working with concrete driveways. That’s because they understand the best way to install concrete for your driveway. Make sure that you ask for advice in maintaining the surface so that you do not require fixes every so often.

Like many materials, concrete will shrink eventually. A skilled paver knows how to prevent this issue from day one. One known solution is through the use of contraction joints, which can effectively stop cracks from occurring.

The other trick lies in the sealer. You have probably heard about the horrors of concrete use when the temperatures are low. The truth is that concrete will not show you its full potential if it is unsealed. Use a clear sealer at least once a year to protect the surface from moisture and ice.

With proper maintenance, sealing, and cleaning, you can have concrete working for your driveway for 20 or even 50 years!

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5. Concrete Has Become More Attractive Than Ever

Light grey is the standard look of concrete. But that does not mean it is your only choice. You have endless options when it comes to the style and design you want to achieve for your concrete driveway.

Decorative concrete will quickly change how you view concrete. That’s because this material is highly customisable, giving you unique designs and colours to choose from. One of the most popular options is aggregate concrete resurfacing, which is applied on already existing concrete driveways. This method is less costly since it eliminates the concrete installation process and proceeds with resurfacing instead to make it look like exposed concrete. Take a look at this beautiful exposed aggregate with a salt and pepper look for a driveway and porch.

Another option is honed aggregate concrete, which provides you with an even and polished finish. It’s non-slip and durable, the perfect material for busy Perth driveways.

Want to give your old driveway a makeover? Give us a call so we can discuss your driveway plans. You can also schedule a visit so we can provide an estimate for your concrete driveway cost. Contact Decorative Concrete WA today!