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Front yard design trends in AustraliaAny home’s front yard plays a significant role in kerb appeal. More than that, it sets the tone for the value and the overall perception of the property.

As a homeowner, it gives you an identity as it makes your property different from the other houses in the neighbourhood. When it comes to deciding how to design your front yard, look at the latest trends in Australia.

Remember, trends in front yard design can quickly change. For decades, many homeowners in Australia simply made sure that they had an acceptable and neat look. These days, however, landscaping is a necessity if you want your home to stand out. You do not just need to strike a balance between your lawn space and plant beds, but you also have to consider the colour palette, lighting, materials and more.


Designing a Wall Garden

Australia is always on the cutting edge of design trends for gardens. Many homeowners have started planting and growing succulents or vines in their gardens, along with fresh fruits and veggies. While most would choose to go for the traditional way, which is in-ground, you can have these plants on the wall instead.

Creating a wonder wall of your own can make your front yard look exciting and unique. Wall gardens are simply vertical gardens that offer a few exceptional benefits, including providing privacy for your lawn. If you have always had a problem with your unattractive walls, you now have the option to mask them with colour and variety.

A bamboo and concrete garden wallYou can either go for a DIY version such as these or a ready-made system. A container wall garden is also trending these days where potted plants are displayed as attachments to a wall. Because this gardening trend is quite popular, new options have been engineered, including self-watering wall gardens.


Building a Terrace Garden

This front yard design trend has become well-loved in Australia. It is perfect for those who have limited space. Traditionally, these gardens use stone and brick and the aim is to mimic country style. However, there are numerous options now and it is up to the homeowner to choose what is best for the property.

They give you mini-gardens right in your yard, recreating the hillside. This option is great if you want to plant various vegetables and flowers without worrying about having inadequate space.

Plus, it is an excellent choice for those on steep slopes. You can plant a garden without erosion concerns as well. Terracing shortens the slope into a group of more level stages. This way, heavy rains do not run off down the soil, which is the reason for erosion. This type of garden is great for perennials, annuals, and even creeping shrubs.


Using Concrete Planters

Minimalist front yards are also stylish. You do not have to go for expensive landscaping designs to maintain a solid garden. Concrete planters are wonderful options for displaying your plants, whether they are indoors or outdoors. You can purchase these planters from stores but you can also create your own. Concrete planters are a way of containing plants, including herbs, flowers, and shrubs.

Container gardening is a trend in the country because it is useful for those who have larger plants or even trees. If you do not intend to move them, you can turn to concrete planters. They are durable and sturdy because of the main material, concrete. Unlike plastic or wood, concrete will not rot over time. It will not turn brittle and can last for several years.

Additionally, since it is a heavy material, the planters will not get knocked down because it is windy or there are children playing around.


Landscape Lighting

There is no limit to what you can do to your garden. You can even add lights to your plants, not just your walkways. It is a design that works for almost every front yard. At night, they do not just give energy to your garden but also provide a feeling of safety as you walk back to your place. If you have guests, they will surely appreciate how well-lit the pathways are, allowing them to leave safely.

Landscape lighting at front of Australian home

Lighting up the yard may seem intuitive but it also requires a little bit of planning. You need to know the features that you would like to accentuate. You also have to determine the areas that will make the front yard even more charming if some spots are highlighted. It adds drama, especially if those areas do not stand out in daylight.

Functionality is also one thing to think about when going for a lighted walkway. For instance, if you have a meandering entryway or even a deck that has a few steps, you may want to keep them well-lit. This way, you or anyone who visits your place can walk around without risking injury.


Coloured or Stained Concrete Driveways

Decorative concrete driveway

Decorative concrete driveways have been around for quite some time. For several years now, they have been such a huge hit, which is why they continue to be a hot trend in Australia.

One of the biggest reasons why coloured concrete driveways are well-liked is that there are a variety of colour options around.

Different types of techniques are used from staining to the utilisation of colour hardeners. Your driveway will no longer be limited to plain grey. With this method, you can change it to any colour you can imagine.

Additionally, you can choose to combine various colouring techniques where you can layer and customise different colour schemes. Some of the options include:

  • Earth-toned: You can select from shades of beige, brown, or tan, which are among the most popular these days. Many homeowners choose earth-toned concrete driveways because the hues tend to blend well with the surroundings. You do not have to be worried about your landscape and other parts of your home exteriors. Another reason why these hues are popular is that they help in hiding stains, tyre marks, and dirt. Therefore, the driveway is much easier to maintain.
  • Grey shades: If you think about it, grey driveways can be a bit boring. However, they can come in various colour accents that can change the way you view grey hues. Take a look at charcoal and pewter grey shades as examples. They can give the driveway a rich or weathered look, whichever you prefer. You can also choose to layer different shades, which can provide a unique effect.
  • Multi-coloured: Because there are numerous options available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose right away. It is why homeowners go for bold combinations of colours, along with a variety of colouring methods. You can use your driveway to strategically showcase your artistry. There are faux finishes, accent borders, and medallions – you can select the combos or techniques that you like. Be aware though that these finishes need a skilled contractor to perform the installation. It also takes time and effort and can be costly as well. However, when carefully laid out, they can transform the entire look of your property.

Aside from the options mentioned above, there are also different colouring techniques. Determine what works well for your front yard so you will have an amazing result afterwards.


Outdoor Dining

Although more suited to your backyard, another trend involves pushing dining sets outdoors. Instead of keeping them within your home, you can add the dining table and chairs on your patio. You can get creative as much as you want. There are no limits from the materials to use to the size to the scope of the yard that you would like to cover.

Outdoor dining has revolutionised the way people enjoy their meals. It may take a few extra walks to deliver food from the kitchen to the yard. However, it does not bother many homeowners. In fact, this trend has created a brilliant atmosphere for entertaining guests, lounging, or simply dining alfresco.


Will These Trends Remain?

As long as the homeowners are happy with the look and the convenience these front yard designs offer, these trends are here to stay.

Landscaping has become more practical than ever and is no longer restricted to those with larger gardens. Even if you have small space, you can develop it into an area that can enhance your home’s appeal, such as using coloured concrete. Moreover, additions like lighting and planters can enhance functionality while boosting property value.