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Cleaning driveway using power washer.Concrete is versatile and durable, with looks to complement any decorative style. It is vital to clean it properly to help it maintain its appearance for the long haul. If you have exposed aggregate, you should learn the best way to wash it to protect your investment.  

Your concrete surfaces will benefit from power washing as it removes dirt, mould, and many stains, which helps extend the life and appearance of aggregate concrete. 

Advantages of Concrete Power Washing 

Key Takeaways:

  • Power washing extends the life of concrete by removing corrosive pollutants, dirt, sand, salt, and chemicals.
  • It removes pollens that collect near your home.
  • Power washing prevents algae and mould spores from developing in concrete’s porous surface.
  • It removes tough stains like grease or oil.
  • Power washing helps prevent cracks caused by weeds and results in exceptionally clean surfaces.


Different Ways to Clean Concrete  

If you are thinking about how to wash concrete, remember there are a few different ways to clean your concrete surfaces effectively. Before you begin washing exposed aggregate concrete, thoroughly sweep the surface to remove debris and surface dirt. Using a leaf blower is a great way to finish the job quickly and correctly. There are several ways to wash your concrete surfaces, including,  

  • Hosing the concrete surfaces- Many people use a garden hose to dislodge dirt and debris from their concrete surfaces. This is a good practice and helps reduce a build-up of dirt when done regularly. 
  • Scrubbing- Follow the manufacturer’s instructions about the types of cleaners to use on your concrete surfaces. Using an extremely harsh cleaning solution could ruin the surface and may void any warranties on the concrete. Use a sturdy mop to clean the surface, and be sure to rinse thoroughly. Without a proper rinse, droplets of cleaning solution can build up on the surface, making the concrete look dirty. 
  • Power Washing- Using a power washer to clean your concrete surfaces can save a great deal of time. The strength of the water spray dislodges debris and dirt that can collect in the grooves of textured concrete. If you choose this method, you should remember to read the instructions carefully. A power washer is NOT a high-powered garden hose. It is a helpful piece of equipment that packs a punch and can rip the skin off of your body. 


What is Power Washing?  

Power washing is a way to quickly clean various outdoor surfaces using a machine that relies on high-pressure water to wash away dirt, stains, contaminants, mould, and algae. This is often used with commercial-grade cleaning agents that help remove dirt and other unwanted materials from the surface. 

Concrete is an ideal surface for using a power washer. Because concrete is porous, impurities soak into the surface of the concrete. A significant amount of power must be used to flush the toxins away.  


What are the Benefits of Power Washing? 

There are a number of benefits of power washing your outdoor concrete surfaces, including, 

  • Extend the life of your concrete by eliminating pollutants, dirt, sand, salt, or chemicals that can corrode the concrete.  
  • Remove various pollens that collect near your home. 
  • Prevent algae and mould spores from developing in the porous surface of your concrete. 
  • Remove tough stains on your concrete, such as grease or oil 
  • Help prevent cracks in concrete caused by weeds growing there 
  • You get excellent results and exceptionally clean surfaces 

Man cleaning driveway using power washer.

What are the Risks of Power Washing?  

The majority of common risks associated with using a power washer come from using it incorrectly. Unfortunately, people damage their property and can injure themselves or others because of using the tool without following the instructions. Other risks include,  

  • Damage or injury from small pebbles dislodged by the pressure 
  • Choosing the wrong type of pressure washer for your surface if you are doing the project yourself 
  • Spreading mould spores and not destroying them because water is used as the only cleaning agent. You need a specific type of chemical cleaner to kill mould, mildew, and bacteria. 
  • Mixing the cleaner using the wrong ratio of water to cleaner 
  • Unsafe use of the power washing unit. Water from a power washer has significantly more pressure than many people realise. 

Because of these and other risks, it is a smart idea to hire professionals to power wash your concrete surfaces. 


The Expert in Concrete!

Regular cleaning will help to keep your concrete surfaces looking great and allow them to last for significant amounts of time. Power washing is an efficient and effective way to clean your concrete, but remember to sweep or rinse these surfaces regularly to avoid a build-up of dirt, debris, or mould. 

If you have questions or need suggestions to help you maintain your concrete, please reach out to us at DCWA. Our team has years of experience installing and caring for decorative concrete.