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Adding new décor and furniture can be both thrilling and daunting. Generally, it is a tedious endeavour, not to mention an expensive one. Some people choose to splurge and buy designer pieces, whilst others go for whatever they can afford, as long as it matches their design scheme.

Concrete may not be at the forefront as you look into your furniture material selections, but it is certainly one of the best out there for many good reasons. It is versatile and offers unlimited design styles. Concrete is not just grey. You can find a multitude of looks, patterns, and textures that complement the area you are revamping and dressing up.

Another benefit is that concrete is durable, which is why it is a premier choice for outdoor areas. Here are some ideas that will make your indoor and outdoor spaces more exciting with concrete furniture:

Decor made of concrete is a great way to incorporate this material into your home in a less permanent way.


Mix and Match with Other Materials

Concrete goes well with almost any construction material. It all depends on the look you’re going for. Let us say you want a boho terrace. Throw some blankets and pillows on your wooden and rattan chairs with a coffee table in the centre. Don’t forget to add some greenery to give the area some colour.

Concrete and wood are a match made in heaven. These two materials complement each other so well, giving you plenty of ways to incorporate them into your home design. Check these quick ideas out:

  • Concrete and wood tables with potted greenery
  • Concrete sofa and wooden side table, paired with neutral upholstery
  • Concrete fire pit surrounded by wooden chairs

Suppose you are not a fan of wood. In that case, especially if you are designing the outdoor area, you can substitute it with rattan/wicker or even cast/wrought iron.


Choose the Best Style for You

How about some eclecticism in your architecture? Make the space interesting with black curved chairs paired with a wicker sofa and a concrete table. Add some neutral pillows into the mix if you so wish.

For a chic indoor or even outdoor dining space, use concrete tables, along with stylish rattan chairs. Match the concrete tables with grey cushions, and bring the area to life with some greenery.

Another way to create a chic space is to install a corner sofa, wooden chairs, rattan chairs, and one more concrete table. Alternatively, you can use a neutral sofa and some chairs with a concrete fire pit and potted plants. If there’s enough space, add a large mirror, as well. This look is great for your lounge area.

An emerging trend is to create a classy farmhouse look using a wide table with a concrete tabletop. Add some wicker chairs that come with neutral upholstery to finish the look. This design works great, especially if you have decorative ceiling lights or a chandelier.

If the above options do not impress you, try a resort-style design. Learn how you can incorporate this style into your home here.


Balance the Colour Scheme with Some Concrete Greys

You already have a neon green sofa in your living room. The pillows are brightly coloured, as well. To balance out the look, you can add grey or neutral concrete stools and tables.

You can do it however you wish. The key is to make sure the furniture pieces pop using brighter tones. This is easily achievable if your walls and flooring are in lighter or concrete grey shades.

Concrete can also be a great material for countertops.


Put Uniquely Shaped Concrete Furniture Front and Centre

An oddly shaped piece of furniture is an eye-catcher. Make it the centrepiece, whether it is located indoors or outdoors. If it appears as though something is missing, the usual solution is to place a planter or a flower vase to vamp up the design.

You can also create a cosy sitting nook using a neutral chair and potted plants. At the centre, place a concrete stool painted with bright colours. It’s a lovely look that you will surely adore!

Another idea is to incorporate etched concrete furniture, such as a patio table, as the heart of the outdoor area. Whatever you use as the focal point of any space should grab the attention of the observer. You can take advantage of various techniques, such as contrast and dominance in visual weight (size, colour, texture, etc.).


Make It Subtle

Using raw concrete for a minimalist design will never go out of style. Minimalism is frequently acquainted with serenity. The goal is to reduce clutter as much as possible, which is why this style is perfect for emphasising the raw beauty of concrete.

Some people want to make their space as delicate as possible. Instead of adding huge concrete furniture, sprinkle the material in smaller quantities. For example, you can choose concrete accent pieces, a great option if you’re not into large concrete sofas and tables. Go for concrete lamps, decorative bowls, and planters. If those are too subtle for you, give the room some extra personality with a statue or a bust sitting on a concrete foundation.


Dress Your Garden with Glass Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Furniture

Durable and lightweight, Glass Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) can elevate your backyard’s look. GFRC is a strong material made of cement, water, fine sand, and glass fibres that are also alkali-resistant. Concrete is mixed with glass fibres to make it sturdier and heavier.

The material is easy to cut and mould because of its flexibility and high tensile strength. It welcomes the applications of various artistic embellishments, such as etching and sandblasting. GFRC is tough and can withstand extreme weather conditions whilst requiring very little maintenance.


Choose Low Maintenance Outdoor Concrete Furniture

No matter you plan to design your garden, always make sure the furniture pieces that require little attention from you. This is what concrete garden furniture is good for. A concrete garden bench or concrete tables and chairs do not require everyday cleaning and repairs after a thunderstorm.

The beauty of concrete furniture is that you can prevent possible issues, including cracks, with a quality sealant. The product can also keep moisture from penetrating the material, which helps increase its already long lifespan.

Check out more ideas on how to modernise your outdoor area in this blog.

Concrete is a popular material for outdoor living spaces and outdoor decoration, but it is also becoming a popular housing trend for interior decor.

And there you have it! Concrete is extremely versatile. It is durable and usually more affordable than other cladding materials like natural stone and marble. Concrete can adapt to your existing design aesthetic, giving you plenty of ways to incorporate it into your home design. Choose one or more ideas from above and get your decorative concrete supply from us. Give Decorative Concrete WA a call today!