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Concrete has been around for aeons, with some evidence of its earliest existence around 6500 BC. Over the years, this incredible building material has evolved with the emergence of many varieties, including decorative concrete excellent for customisation and artistic expression. Along with its evolution comes the many stylistic trends homes have adopted and are known to love. Because of the durability and timelessness of the material, these concrete trends are expected to outlast other designs and building fads.

Modern minimalist bathroom.

This year, it is about creativity and innovation whilst staying away from the maximalist style. Nevertheless, there is a bit of emphasis on layered textures, colourful patterns, and vintage looks. Without further ado, here are the top 5 concrete trends for your home:


#1 Coloured Concrete

It’s about colours for the next couple of years, at the very least, most especially in interior design. Gone are the days when concrete was merely grey. Due to a noticeable colour revolution, concrete products, particularly those that are brightly hued, are stepping into the limelight.

Pink exposed aggregate concrete is getting a lot of attention, as proven by the many kitchen floors and living spaces with coloured flooring or walls. It’s also popular in restaurant fit-outs, as pink concrete is great for introducing a pop of colour whilst maintaining a vibe of industrial chic.

The idea behind this trend is to inject a little bit of dopamine (the feel-good hormone) into the design. You can incorporate pink or any coloured exposed aggregate concrete you want with other colourful pairings. The result is a dopamine rush as the colourful elements represent fun, playfulness, joy, and energy.


#2 Textured and Weathered Concrete

Another popular trend that seems to have a staying power is textured concrete. Exposed aggregate concrete, for one, offers a textured look with a beautiful combination of embedded stones and aggregates. Yet at the same time, it gives a natural appearance to pathways and driveways.

Stencilled, and scored textures have gained traction, particularly at the beginning of 2022. It’s expected that these styles will remain relevant in the coming years.

Broom finishes are also getting recognised. This style involves dragging a broom across the poured concrete to create texture. It’s not just to make the surface unique but also to enhance its slip resistance. This is why it’s more commonly used in walkways and driveways.

Weathering effects are usually applied through an acid-etching process for more variations in texture and colour. The weathered look gives the illusion that concrete has been exposed to elements for some time, perfectly fitting the vintage aesthetic.


#3 Staycation Inspiration

Imagine you’re on holiday whenever you step out of a house. With the introduction of staycation, many things have changed, including home improvement ideas and efforts. Outdoor spaces have become a part of the house where entertainment and family bonding occur. 2023 and 2024 will continue to show the growth of comfy living spaces, kitchens, and more right in the backyard.

There’s no better material for outdoor furniture than concrete. It’s sturdy and can withstand changing weather. You can have a concrete fire pit no matter the season. Round fire pits are the most preferred, although more grand fireplaces with hearth and surround are becoming more popular.

Concrete tables, of course, are a must-have. Using unique decorative concrete finishes, these tables can have a variety of textures and hues. You don’t even have to stick with the traditional rectangle table. Sustainable tables are among the most prominent trends today, where you incorporate concrete with other materials, such as recycled plastic, rattan, and bamboo. Try them with end tables and furnishings like benches, water features, and planters.

The most important thing to remember about concrete outdoor furniture is to use special sealers to ensure they do not wither from the effects of the blistering sun.

Modern dining area.


#4 Raw Concrete

Raw or unfinished concrete will never go out of style. Whilst colourful decorative concrete is trending in Perth, many homes prefer to create a tranquil setting. That’s why several homeowners choose the brutalist design. It’s easy to see that brutalism is back with a vengeance, particularly with the popularity of exposed surfaces that reveal raw, utilitarian structures.

Be wary, though, that overusing unfinished concrete can give off a cold and uninviting vibe. Add a dash of colours to bring the room to life or at least balance out the unrefined characteristics of concrete. In contrast to the earlier designs, the new brutalist style is much softer. This is especially true when paired with natural features, including stone, plants, and wood. Together, they create a cosier feel.


#5 Concrete in Multifunctional Rooms

Multifunctional spaces have become increasingly appealing, perhaps mostly due to remote work. There’s also a rising need for flexibility in living and work spaces. For this reason, homeowners have actively looked for ways to make the most out of their available space. For instance, the dining room or a guest bedroom can be altered to fit as a workspace.

Whilst more and more Perth homes are building multifunctional rooms, some things do not change, including the use of polished concrete floors. They remain sought-after in interior design, thanks to their sleek and modern finish whilst showing the aggregate’s beauty. Polished concrete flooring is often the best choice for multipurpose rooms because it is easy to maintain, durable, and suitable for many activities.

Concrete furniture is also a great addition, particularly modular and moveable ones, which are flexible in accommodating the changing functions within the space. Concrete is quite sturdy whilst also offering a variety of styles and looks, whether you prefer a neutral or colourful backdrop.

Adding concrete benchtops is another excellent idea for workstations because they can serve as versatile surfaces. You can use the benchtops for cooking or working on office tasks. Other ideas include concrete dividers, statement walls, and ceiling beams.

Trends come and go, as they say. However, some do stay for decades. As long as the style reflects your lifestyle and preferences, it will transcend the tests of time. Living in an environment that resonates with you is what truly matters. Having said that, keeping up with the concrete home trends allows you to incorporate contemporary elements whilst increasing your home’s resale value. It also clues you in on the current concrete interior design practices you must stay in line with before hiring a home concreting service.

Modern living room.