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Whether you have a small or large office, you cannot deny how important it is to have good flooring. Employees will be walking around all day, and spills or even people slipping can happen. You need a flooring option where everyone can walk about safely. At the same time, the floor should also be able to take the beating with all those heels and shoes and other items hitting the floor every day.

You may have heard about concrete and its benefits. The material is a known choice when it comes to office floors. A number of offices around Australia switched from vinyl, carpet, and laminate flooring. The reason? Concrete looks so much better than these choices. Plus, it can last longer, making it a more cost-effective option than traditional flooring.

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Advantages of Concrete In Office Spaces

Why should you choose concrete floors for your office? It is easy to answer this question if you take a look at the benefits of using concrete, which we list below:

  • Easy to Keep Clean

    When you run an office, the last thing that you want to worry about is cleaning the space. Some flooring materials can get dirty easily. What’s even worse is that it is hard to deal with spilt coffee and juice. With concrete floors, you can simply dust mop whenever necessary. If someone spilt liquid on the surface, they could easily wipe it up. There is no staining that occurs.

  • Affordable to Maintaim

    Concrete is considered a sustainable flooring option. It is used all over the world for home slabs and bases, as well as in commercial properties. There is often no need to use other materials for the flooring. For easier maintenance, polished concrete is a good idea. You can customise the level of sheen you want, and it will stay the same for years. You just need to do some polishing and sealing every once in a while.

  • Striking and Appealing

    When you imagine a modern office, there are a few trends that come to mind. You may think about high ceilings with industrial features, bright or toned-down to neutral colours, exposed brick, and perhaps some office chairs. But the most common visual aspect that you do not truly notice is right there as a backdrop: the floors.

    Aside from wood and carpet, concrete has become one of the most popular choices in flooring. It offers that “raw” industrial feature. Back in the day, it was something that naturally occurred. However, this look is not an aesthetic choice because it is timeless and easy to manage.

  • A Customised Look

    Traditional concrete was not favoured before because it looked dull and uninspiring. These characteristics are now warmly accepted in the world of interior design these days, thanks to the emergence of popularity of the industrial look.

    But concrete is not just bleak and grey; it can be customised according to what you have envisioned your workspace to be. As mentioned above, concrete is attractive. But did you know that you can have it in different colours and finishes? Yes, you can! Concrete can even take on a wide array of looks, including expensive flooring options, such as marble and hardwood.

    Aside from emulating the look of other flooring types, you can also have your company logo or concrete directly on the floors. Because you can customise concrete, it creates a good lasting first impression to your business associates and clients, as well.

  • Incredibly Durable

    Heavy foot traffic is constant in every workspace. It is one of the biggest concerns for the right reasons, especially for a busy workplace. High heels and dress shoes slap on the surface several times each day. Unfortunately, wood floors and even carpets cannot tolerate this kind of abuse. You will see them getting worn out quicker than you would have anticipated.

    You need a durable flooring option, and that is none other than concrete. Having a concrete floor for your office means that you have a reliable flooring material, which does not require replacement after years of foot traffic.

  • Freedom for Everyone in the Office

    Concrete, especially polished concrete, is the favourite flooring option in offices around Western Australia. Workers can move around in the space freely. They can even stay seated in their swivel chairs and move from one point to another without worrying about damaging the flooring. It is not something they can do when you have carpeted office floors.

  • Quick Installation

    Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of concrete floors is that they are easy and quick to install. When you run a business, the last thing you want is to delay transactions. The office will have to be closed for a while during the renovation, which includes the flooring process. Because flooring occupies the entire space, it takes some time to finish.

    However, concrete floors can surprisingly be installed quickly. Decorative Concrete WA will make sure that your office space is open as soon as possible to prevent disrupting your business hours.

    The process typically involves removing the existing flooring in the office building. Then, the concrete underneath will become the new flooring. The surface is then ground to get rid of imperfections, including leftover glue that may have come from the previous flooring. The colour you want will then be applied.

    If the flooring underneath is not in good condition, it will still take less time than installing new floors. A concrete overlay will be applied to cover the imperfections.

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    How to Use Concrete for Your Office

    The following can help you plan out how you can have efficient concrete flooring for your office:

    • Reception Area: Because the reception area is the first place your clients, business partners, and employees see, it makes sense to make an excellent first impression through this space. Use aesthetically pleasing concrete in the form of polished concrete with perhaps your business logo on it.
    • Kitchen: Again, you can use polished concrete here, which remains resilient even with repeated assault from footwear and even spills. You can also choose epoxy flooring, which can be applied to existing concrete slabs.
    • Open-Floor Office: High-gloss polished concrete helps brighten the area. It is often used as a solar reflectance material because it does a fantastic job at reflecting solar energy, which bounces in all parts of the room that need extra lighting. It not only helps lighten everyone’s mood but also allows you to save on electric bills.

    Concrete is perfect for small and large offices. If you have a privately-owned business or you require flooring for a multiple-storey office, concrete is an excellent option. For your office concreting requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact Decorative Concrete WA today!