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How Decorative Concrete is a Sustainable Flooring Solution

Decorative concrete has become one of the top choices in flooring. It can be installed in new and existing homes. If you plan to switch to decorative concrete, your home could already have a concrete subfloor, making it the ideal canvas for this type of flooring. Decorative concrete floors are durable and can last for a long time, so you save valuable money on repairs and maintenance. They are not prone to scratches, unlike vinyl and hardwood. There are also ...
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Glowcrete: the New & Innovative Concrete Design

You may have wondered how if it would be possible to light up the pathways at night. Even better, how can you achieve it without using electricity? Here is an innovation that has garnered quite the attention it rightfully deserves: glow-in-the-dark concrete. Yes, you read it right. It is not your ordinary type of concrete. Instead of using cement and the other standard materials used in making concrete, this discovery uses an altered form of these components. To be specific, ...
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How Polished Concrete Overlay Can Transform Your Property

It is easy to see why polished concrete flooring is becoming more and more popular. The ease of application and maintenance make the floors a top choice for many homes in Australia. Of course, the resulting high-gloss finish is undeniably incredible. Even businesses go for this option, especially high-profile commercial and retail companies. Almost all concrete slabs can be polished. However, there can be some problems with this method. Some people complain about concrete breaking off in fragments while others ...
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Preparation for Decorative Concrete Installation

Decorative concrete surfaces are quite beneficial in both residential and commercial settings. Many Australian homes are switching to decorative concrete for several reasons. For one, design flexibility is astounding. Decorative concrete can be applied to a new surface but an existing one as well. Owners want to have unique-looking properties. A variety of options in finishes are available, thanks to the advances in mixing and setting concrete. Owners can also benefit from the strength and longevity of the material. Aesthetic ...
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Top Concrete Interior Design Trends in 2019

Interior Design Ideas Using Concrete Concrete is often lauded by builders because it is so easy to work with, while others see nothing but difficulty along the way. The material is very versatile, meaning it can be used for a range of different projects and applications. However, if you are looking at choosing concrete, there are numerous elements you have to consider first. For many, the simple choice of style means they wouldn't even consider concrete for a residential property ...
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