Looking for the best exposed aggregate, liquid limestone and decorative concrete in Perth?

Are you thinking about transforming your old, boring concrete into a more durable and unique surface? Here’s the solution: decorative concrete. This type of concrete can be found in patios, indoor floors, entryways, pool decks, and even benchtops. It’s not just for people with expansive properties with elaborate driveways but also for one-room remodels and even busy offices. Decorative concrete can turn a dull room that uses plain grey concrete into a more beautiful space with pleasing elements.

The Decorative Concrete WA blog features a compilation of posts that centre around decorative concrete, such as polished and honed aggregate and polished overlay. That way, you can decide if decorative concrete is best for your home or business.


Modern home with concrete flooring.

What Makes Concrete the Floor of the Future

Concrete is a construction material that keeps reinventing itself to keep up with the trends and modern requirements. It received some criticism in the past for its lack of style and its impacts on the environment. But over the years, concrete has dramatically improved in many ways, including its performance and eco-friendliness. It's also lauded in the looks department ...
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Contemporary home concrete.

That Bit of Inspiration You Needed to Choose the Concrete Floor

We've all heard about the durability of concrete, but you're probably wondering if that's all it offers? Concrete sure gets the flak for being dull, mainly because of its grey colour. However, if that's what you think concrete is – just grey, boring, and unattractive – then you're missing out! Today, we will talk about why concrete is suitable for your home, no matter your style preferences. We'll also share some design ideas to make your concrete floor trendy and ...
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pool surroundings in concrete

Concrete Pool Edging: The Crowning Glory of Your Pool

Swimming pools are an excellent addition to your backyard. But the installation process is more complex than most people think. It takes time and a lot of planning. There are many decisions to make, not just the size, depth, shape, but also the finish. The pool's finish is a critical component that can affect both aesthetics and practicality. And while you're thinking about the best finish for your pool, you will encounter the term "pool edging." What is Pool Edging? ...
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guide to polished aggregate concrete

Is Polished Aggregate Concrete Right for Your Home or Business?

Residential and commercial spaces demand flooring material that does not require too much maintenance work. And if that's what you're searching for, this blog post is for you. Polished aggregate concrete is the ultimate choice for those who want a no-wax required flooring material. However, the process it undergoes is a little more complex than most other options. That's why you should pick an experienced contractor with the correct technique and proper floor grinding equipment. Polished aggregate concrete can be ...
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modern cafe with concrete flooring

Hospitality Flooring: Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and More

There are strict standards to adhere to if you're in the hospitality industry, including flooring requirements. Your restaurant, bar, or hotel, whether you're opening your very first establishment or planning to remodel, flooring is one of the many decisions you have to make. While you may have other priorities, you should not take your final flooring choice lightly. Hospitality flooring should be designed to go with the look and feel of the business. At the same time, it should be ...
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